Our Story

A ‘doyenne’ is defined as the most prominent woman in her field of expertise. Prominent women value quality, characterise versatility and represent individuality. I instantly resonated with the word because I wanted to make petite women feel and look like a doyenne whilst doing what they do best. It was here that I knew that everything had fallen into place and this God given dream of mine was about to come to life. So, Doyenne Petites was birthed with the sole intention of catering to the petite; those largely forgotten by the fashion industry.

Being a petite girl myself at 150 cm (4’11 ft), I’ve experienced the struggles of constantly having to alter clothes post-purchase. It is also a common misconception that petite is another term for ‘slim’ but petite refers to stature not body shape. With this in mind, I recognized an imperative need in the market that had to be addressed. Doyenne Petites was birthed when my passion for fashion collided with my long-standing desire to cater for petite women of different body shapes.

At Doyenne Petites we are disrupting the petite market to be strictly inclusive. We are offering three unique size ranges (petite slim, petite regular and petite curve) to cater for petite women, and as the fashion industry defines it ‘women 160 cm (5’3 ft) tall and under’.

We have carefully curated statement and luxury pieces with perfectly proportioned dimensions to fit every stunning petite girl. Focused on quality, versatility and individuality to represent the prominence of a petite woman, our designs speak for themselves. Doyenne Petites is as luxe as it is versatile. It screams street style as much as it yells out desk-to-dinner vibes. Our first three pieces can be adapted to fit your unique style, whether that be laid back with sneakers or dressed up with stilettos, you make the choice.

Our goal is to disrupt the petite market and create a label that celebrates the fearless, unique petite woman. Join us in revolutionising the petite wardrobe.

Founder and Designer - Rachel Harichandra